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Rahu Kalam, also known as Rahu Kaal, is a period of time in each day that is considered inauspicious in Hindu astrology. It really is believed that for the duration of this time, the malefic Earth Rahu exerts its damaging influence on folks, triggering hurdles and issues.

Rahukalam is connected to the malevolent impact of your shadow Earth Rahu. The timing of Rahukalam may differ day after day and is set according to the planetary positions, with each day being divided into 8 segments. 

This knowledge is integral for people practising Vedic astrology, guiding folks to align their actions with the cosmic rhythms.

यमगंडम या यमगंड काल का क्या अर्थ है? यमगंडम मुहूर्त मृत्यु के समय को दर्शाता है। ऐसा माना जाता है कि इस अवधि के दौरान शुरू किए गए कार्य का परिणाम फलदायी नहीं होता है। इस समयावधि के दौरान, केवल मृत्यु के अनुष्ठान और कार्यक्रम करने की सलाह दी जाती है। हिंदू ज्योतिष के अनुसार, इस अवधि के दौरान विशेष रूप से धन या यात्रा से संबंधित महत्वपूर्ण कार्यों को शुरू नहीं करना चाहिए। क्या राहु काल में विवाह हो सकता है?

भारत के सर्वश्रेष्ठ ज्योतिषी से जुड़ने के लिए साइन अप करें

A: You are able to defend on your own by chanting mantras, performing Rahu puja, sporting Rahu Yantra or gemstones, and keeping a favourable state of mind in the course of this period.

Presented the main difference in neighborhood timings of sunrise and sunset for many locations, Rahu Kaal timings and Rahu length are under no circumstances precisely the same for two sites. For the reason that sunrise and sunset timings keep switching throughout the year, Rahu Kaal also may differ from day after day because it does from location to position.

Rahu Kaal is without doubt one of the 8 segments of your working day concerning dawn and sunset. 8 segments of the day are calculated by taking the entire time among sunrise and sunset at a offered spot then dividing this time length by eight.

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Aaj ka rahu kaal is a vital factor ofVedic astrology, because it denotes a selected time period considered inauspicious for initiating new things to do.

As outlined by Vedic astrology Rahu is surely an inauspicious World. rahu kaal today jammu In the course of transition of planets the time underneath the affect of Rahu must be avoided to perform any auspicious do the job. Accomplishing Puja, Hawan or Yagya (यज्ञ) to propitiate auspicious planets through this time is interfered by Rahu on account of its malefic mother nature.

) In this sort of condition the forex of the auspicious Choghadiya time turns into debatable. Having said that, According to Muhurta Chintamani, "when on a day the two malefic and benefic Yogas are current then the final results of benefic Yogas will prevail"

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Supplied the primary difference in local timings of sunrise and sunset for various locations, Rahu Kaal timings and Rahu duration are never the identical for two locations. Since the sunrise and sunset timings maintain modifying throughout the year, Rahu Kaal also differs from daily since it does from area to put.

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